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December 04, 2006



Great story, Belle. Daughter of Norma, I remember well the howls of laughter when the crocheted hat was opened every year. As a child I always wondered how Aunt Connie always got the hat back. Truly a sad day when the hat was lost.

I have to admit, though, that my mind has shifted into trying to figure out more creative ways for you to hide Slim for this year.

I don't guess it would be too PC, albeit, ever blogabilly, to share the fool gifts for my Aunt Lois. Nevermind.

Enjoyed the story. Will tune in for more.

Cathy Ann,

Thanks for stopping by and saying howdy. And I'll take any and all comers who have ideas for hiding Slim under the tree. We've been doing it for so long that it's getting hard to be creative about it.

And speaking of hats, I found a photo of you wearing the crazy hat I crocheted for you one Christmas many years ago. Gotta get that pic scanned so I can show you off on Blogabillies. LOL

Conlavon, aka Belle

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