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January 26, 2007



Ok, the word "Ya'llTube" is seriously the most hilarious thing I have heard in AGES!!!! You had me laughing out loud in my office like a hyena :)

Connie M Reece

I thought rednecks could spell hi falutin'

Gladys Hardy


Laurie!!! If I made you laugh out loud in your office then I have hit hillbilly-bloggin' heaven! I can't possibly count the number of times you have caused me to snort coffee or spill guacamole on my keyboard. Crazy Aunt Purl is one of my all-time favorite reads.

In fact, I was thinking about asking your permission to feature one of your posts over here at Blogabillies. My favorite one is probably the story about Dandy Don Gandy. Now, that is some fine storytellin'.

Thanks for stoppin' by for a visit. Come back anytime - and bring your knitting. I'll drag out my crochet hook, open a bottle of merlot, and we'll sip one, purl two. Or is that purl one, sip two . . .


Gladys, hon, you crack me up! I'm gonna have to get me a spell-checker that knows redneck.


Dear Belle,

Great story, but I have one teensy little bone to pick with you.
>>>>You know that we Southerners are constitutionally incapable of being concise. Why say just two words when two sentences - shoot, two paragraphs - are much better at conveying just exactly what you want to say?<<<

This is patently untrue. Here's how I think the Googleneck hunt screen would read when presented with a misspelled term:
Do Whut???

(Altho perhaps when presented with two misspellings in a row, the rejoinder might be: "Spell it right, Bubba, or I'm gonna knock a pump knot on your haid.")

Bless your heart, I enjoyed the post otherwise.

Terry Taylor

Belle, you are spot on in your assesment of the Google situation. And considering that most people watch YouTube to see some old boy light up a mouthful of Everclear or other dubiously dangerous redneck activities like smashing a can of WD-40 with a hammer (so you can show the world how you look wearing a fireball the size of Dekalb, GA), it is only right and appropriate that Google should throw some employment this way. Your brilliant Y'allTube is a better name anyway considering the aforementioned sentence.

Also, any Southerner worth his or her drawl knows that, when fishing down here, you will notice little bubbles now and then, rising up from a turtle or a snake or a catfish burp (or some other gas not mentioned in polite company). That is officially known to serious anglers as a google.

Your blog makes me wonder how the Germans and Japanese and Koreans who all built gianormous automobile manufacturing plants in the South over the last few years have adjusted to Southern culture (or our search for some).

Good Job!


Laurie Jan (to distinguish you from the first Laurie who posted), you make a good point. "Do whut?" and its first cousin "say huh?" are classic, concise Southern statements. In fact, they're sort of like the word "aloha" in Hawaiian - they can mean hello, goodbye, I love you, kiss my grits, etc.

Perhaps Yahoo!'s Southern search engine might respond with a snarky "Do whut?", but Google's system is like the prim, bespectacled, tight-bunned librarian who just insists on helping you find what you need on the reference shelves.

Perhaps you'll write a guest post for Blogabillies one day and explain to us the etymology of the expression, "reserved for me for all times, ever and ever, period, no-nothin's, safety." :-)


Terry, I have a question about the Everclear and WD-40 -- are you speaking from first-hand experience? :-)

Terry Taylor

I have my sad share of tales, but those two in particular are YouTubed below.

WD-40: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZiU3TRnfu8

One of many face fires: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rshvSIPN17g

Suzanne Lambert

Hey, Belle, I just looked up "blogabilly" on Wikipedia and they had no listing! Maybe you oughtta to run right over there and set 'um straight.


Suzanne, that is an excellent idea. I have a feeling that rednecks are sorely underrepresented on the cyberelite Wikipedia. LOL

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