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January 05, 2007


Connie M Reece

My pastor, who had allergies, relied on my recipe of peach liqueur. He didn't want everyone to know it was "hooch" and he wanted to thank me from the pulpit--so on Sunday he said:" I want to thank Connie Sr. for the peaches and the spirit in which it was given." I was the only one who laughed! It works!

Connie Sr.


Dear Ms. Connie Sr.,

I feel a little cough coming on. How difficult would it be to procure about 10 gallons of your remedy? Strictly for medicinal purposes, of course.

Connie M Reece

Mr. T-Bone that stuff is so expensive 10 gallons would cost you an arm and a leg---however, it might be worth it.

Connie SR.


Well, since I mostly use my left arm for scratching and I sit around most of the time, negating the need for both legs, that just might be a fair price! As long as there's no linemint in the elixer, that is. My grandmother used to pour a spoonfull of that stuff down me at night to stop coughing and it worked. I was afraid to cough. In fact, breathing was risky as well after a dose of linemint. I think she rubbed it on the horse's legs to ward off fire ants or some such varmint and I know I saw her rub some on grandpaw's feet once time. Your remedy sounds much better.

Connie M Reece

Mr. T Bone--I sympathize with you but do the math. The Mathilde Peach Liqueur cost
10 dollars for 135 mls. So how much would 10 gallons cost? If I feel sorry enough for you you might go out to your mail box one day and find a strange looking pkg. But don't get your hopes up too soon. Ha!

Connie Sr.

Suzanne Lambert

Thanks for reminding me of the peach brandy recipe. Mine has been stashed for so long I forget I have it; does that stuff go bad? I sure wouldn't want to wind up in the ER for getting ahold of some "bad stuff", don't you know.

Lisa Gates

Connie honey, I was at This Eclectic Life and found yer "other" blog here, wishin' I could getcha ta swaller some hot water, lemon, cayenne and maple seerup.

Whaddrya doin' playin' with the likes a vermin viral fections? Scare em' off with the witches' brew.

Lovin' you large....

Connie Reece

Shooooo, nasty! I cain't imagine puttin' no cayenne pepper and maple seerup into some perfeckly good hot lemonade. LOL

Lisa, you take care now, hear?

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