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February 20, 2007



And now she's getting some kind of professional help (thank God) according to Entertainment Tonight (my favorite source of news). And they know everything about poor Britney, tossing every ugly, drunken, sad, meltdown detail camerside. They talked about the poor girl for an hour, maybe four. I now know where she eats, drinks and parties as well as her brand of cologne. She shaved her legs beside the pool at her hotel – wearing a blue wig, a bikini and cowboy boots. I think they said she flossed twice a day but I can't be sure. They left no hair unturned and even had some reporter standing in a beauty shop holding Britney's shorn locks like they'd found the hair of Sampson in an archeological dig. Then, of course, they had to leave Britney's situation and jump back on the Anna Nicole Smith afterlife frenzy.

Meanwhile, more American soldiers and Iraqi citizens die in Iraq – and somehow, American taxpayers lost $10 billion dollars through fraud in Operation Iraqi Bungle. I think I'd like to hear about that news because Britney has a lot of money on her own. Uncle Sam is using mine over there in the desert.

Kami Huyse

I think she cut it off because she fried it with all the color changes. Bad idea though, her kind of publicity is the "to be avoided" kind.


Whatever goes in your body is stored in your hair, like the rings of a tree. With long hair, you can tell what exactly a person has been ingesting for a long time. It's like your computer's cookies. Not something you want a custody judge to get ahold of if you have been doing bad things.

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