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June 13, 2007


Vito Corleone

Once upon a blog, there was a redneck who lived way back in the piney woods of some undisclosed Southern state. He was not the traditional kind of redneck in that he didn't hunt and fish or carry on with country music types. He had never even been to a VFW Club, not once. But he did enjoy cough syrup now and then. And I think you know of what I speak.

Anyway, to get back to my original point, this redneck drove his 1998 F-150 down to the local bookstore where a computer was strategically positioned for free use and he began to surf like Danno in 5-0.

He came across this contest, as you did, about "Blowing My Dress Up" and he pondered that for more than a little while. It bothered him like a nasty cut in the corner of his mouth. He wanted to write a good enough blog to blow somebody's dress up but he just couldn't muster enough wind to even blow the dust off his old truck.

The next day, with no worthy blog in verbal tow, he went down to Wal-Mart and and just bought a dress himself. He always did like Jacqueline Smith anyway. Unfortunately, the results of that purchase ended up costing him his vote in the Republican primary and his membership in the local PTA where his dress was deemed just "too damned short" by the local school board (which of course reminded him of a song by Jeanne C. Reilly back when he did listen to country music). He was distraughted.

To make a long comment short (which I have already failed at), this ol' boy ended up stumbling into your site here at Blogabillies where your dress-blowing blog grabbed his attention. As you probably already know, I am that redneck. And I just want to know where I can gun down a 2,000 pound hog while wearing a nice little black miniskirt?

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